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Hire Our Production

     Your event is recorded live and can be streamed to our dedicated server and then reroute to the Internet to any popular video sites. We also do fully-produced corporate videos, television commercials, and music videos as well. We are a one-stop solution, fully capable of handling the whole process from concept to script writing and storyboarding, to lighting, audio, editing, coloring, and photography, all the way through to final editing and coloring at a high-end level. 

Why us?


  • Website Pre-event setup: We can help you to set up your livestream event on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or other platform  can create a branded landing page for your stream and deploy it on your website or ours.

  • Graphic Development: We have the ability to create a broadcast graphics package – including lower thirds, bugs, and animated intros & outros – just for your event!

  • Project Management: We will coordinate with your producer, manager and venue to ensure the best communication and create the highest quality contents for your stream. This frees you to focus on what really matters: the content.


  • Project Archival: We will keep a back-up of all recordings from your event for up to 3 months at no additional charge.

  • Video Editing: You may request us to do further refinement to the recordings. All edits are done in our Brooklyn production hub.

  • Post Concert Follow up: We will have one of our team member to get in touch with you after every concert to hear your feedback.


  • Site Surveys: To ensure a picture-perfect event, we personally go to your venue and run a full diagnostic on their Internet streaming capabilities. If they aren’t up to the specs, we will provide alternative solutions that can get you your desired result.

  • Proven Solutions: Amplify the most cost-effective solutions by leveraging your event data to analyze your targeted audience.

What makes us difference?

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