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Established in 2017, a sister company to Skillman Music, SKILLMANLIVE is a video production company specializing in producing, shooting, and streaming multi-camera live video for concerts, competitions, conferences, conventions, school, community, online education and all other types of events in the New York Metropolitan Area.


Custom Scalable Solutions

We offer solutions to meet single- or multi-service requirements, for concerts large or small. We work with our clients to identify their unique needs.

  • Skillman LIVE’s solutions are scalable to any size event, in any combination of services.

  • Each client’s solutions are built to that client’s and/or event’s unique needs. 

Proven Experience

we are specializing producing opera, symphony, recital, staged performance and chorus.

  • Technologist with classical musician background

  • Our team can design and engineer your production from the ground-up, offering efficient and reliable solutions that meet current and long-term needs.

  • Work with different levels of budgets.


Fit for Different Venues

When comes to large scale productions, we are able to provide the most efficient productions workflow and seamless integration to the venue. 

  • OB van that can load heavy duty equipment to major concert venues.

  • Portable solution for smaller venues that requires set up time to as little as 2 hours.

  • optional fully remote control operation from our studio hub in Brooklyn, NYC.

Cost Saving

The high cost of video equipment, manpower and editing have always been a big reason that video production has been expensive, but by utilizing automations, robotic systems and AI Technologies, Skillman  provide our clients with professional broadcast solutions under very reasonable budget.

Peace of Mind

A partnership with Skillman allows you to stay focused on the creative and editorial aspects of your production, leaving the technical execution to a trusted resource.


Piano on Dim Stage

"We are passionate about sharing classical music to the world "

Wooden Piano

"We exist to serve our audiences and communities"

Violin Shop

"We work hard to earn trust every day – with our clients and with each other."

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