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Leading Broadcast Solution Provider for Music and Fine Art Industry 

"Fish Me A Dream" - Jeremy Ajani Jordan
Largo, No. 9 From the New World Dvorak-Urban Playground Chamber Orchestra-Harry T. Burleigh Society
Henri Dutilleux  - Mystère de l'instant (Excerpt with Introduction)
Live! 2019 Young Concert Artists International Auditions
Live! Violinist Randall Goosby and pianist Zhu Wang
Live: Cellist Zlatomir Fung debuts on the Young Concert Artists Series
CAG Live! In Conversation - Cultivate Your X-Factor: Create Your Own Momentum
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We customize and personal tail broadcast and recording solutions for our clients from budgeting to technical design.

Professional Crew

Our State-to-the art broadcast control room solution allows us to broadcast over the net in the ways how traditional televisions are produced! Our mobile crew customize design solutions based on each client's need and is able to produce complex tasks within the given timeframe to set up and stay within the budget.

Remote Live

We offer remote solution to patch in guests from different part of the world, creating seamless live show, concert, conference and


We use all robot cameras to ensure the most budget friendly production, quick set up and flexible, creative operation during the performance, conference and show.


Established in 2017, a sister company to Skillman MusicSkillman TV is  a video production company specializing in producing, shooting, and streaming multi-camera live video for concerts, competitions, conferences, conventions, school, community, online education and all other types of events in the New York Metropolitan Area. Your event is recorded live and can be streamed to our dedicated server and then reroute to the Internet to any popular video sites. We also do fully-produced corporate videos, television commercials, and music videos as well. We are a one-stop solution, fully capable of handling the whole process from concept to script writing and storyboarding, to lighting, audio, editing, coloring, and photography, all the way through to final editing and coloring at a high-end level. 

Live production - NOT JUST BROADCAST. video content is being fully produced while the event is happening, which involves TV style live switching between multiple cameras and adding necessary computer graphics, logos and commercials. the produced video can then be shared via projectors at a venue, Internet streaming, or recorded for later distribution. Because the video is effectively being edited on-the-spot, you no longer have to wait for your product. It's like live TV, but with your content, under your direction and authority.

The high cost of video equipment, manpower and editing have always been a big reason that video production has been expensive, but by utilizing automations, robotic systems and AI Technologies, Skillman TV provide our clients with professional broadcast solutions under very reasonable budget.


SkillmanTV co-owns the production facility with Skillman Music, where a dedicated broadcast control room is built into the facility. Live Studio is equipped with qualified TV studio lighting system, Green screens, Tele-prompters, HD Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras and traditional 4k broadcast video cameras. Recording control room can record and feed and process up to 64 audio channels in and out through state-to-the art sound equipments before it feed the final signal to the broadcast room. Broadcast in our studio requires very minimal set up time, we are always ready to go live regardless the event type. 


Our crew members have decades of experience.


We go beyond expectations to make sure you get the best quality possible.


We take care of everything required to broadcast.


we are passionate about producing a top-quality video as you are. The crew is fully invested in making sure that we do the absolute best job that we can.
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